Breaking in our 2021 Kawasaki Brute Force 300 ATV

If there’s one thing I have learned from purchasing a brand-new ATV, it’s that there’s never a more important period in the life of your machine than the first 20 hours. This lesson is no different when it comes to our new, 2021 Kawasaki Brute Force 300 ATV. The Brute Force is a four-stroke, automatic, 2WD ATV that is easy to use, and will quickly make any level rider comfortable on a four-wheeler.  It’s so easy, some might forget about those first 20 hours of crucial care to keep your machine running smoothly. We’re here to help with a few tips for optimal use.

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For the first 10 hours of driving, Kawasaki recommends avoiding continuous operation above half throttle. When we’re looking at this 2021 Kawasaki Brute Force 300 model with max speeds around 55 mph, half throttle would be around 25 mph. In other words, don’t go 30 mph for 5 minutes down the trail within the first 10 hours of operation. This is a great time for longer, adventures cruises, staying below 25mph. During this period, prolonged full throttle operation, or any condition which might result in excessive engine heating must be avoided to prevent long term damage to your ATV.

After the first 10 hours, experts recommend staying below ¾ throttle (40 mph) for prolonged operation. Full throttle operation can occur momentary (2-3 seconds max), which will not harm the engine. Each full throttle acceleration sequence should be followed with a considerable rest period by cruising at a lower rpm so the engine can rid itself of the temporary heat buildup. Once the machine has operated for 20 hours, Kawasaki considers this machine to be broken in, however still discourages prolonged full throttle operation to ensure a long, trouble-free life for your ATV. Now go have fun and let your buddies rip around on your new machine!

Pro Tip:  When riding, always monitor the temperature gauge on the digital display. Rule of thumb; if it goes above 2 bars, reduce speed until the engine can cool itself and the temperature gauge decreases.

Kawasaki User Manual:

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