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Welcome to the Rea Ranch Media House. We Dream Big!

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The Rea Ranch Media House is a versatile marketing and media firm. Our goal is to provide the creativity and the avenues to reach your audience. The services we provide include high quality photography, cinematography, digital advertising and social media campaigns that will thrill your audience.

We offer live audio recording for your concerts and events! It is our goal to capture the true feel and excitement of your event. Check out our Band’s Page!

Branding and consulting: If you are looking to rebrand your business and don’t know where to start, we would love to help you out.

We are based in Mammoth Lakes, California, but operate from Tahoe to Kernville, and will come to you! Contact us  and we will help to capture your life’s next big adventure, whether it is a wedding, event, adventure outing, or tools to market your product and business.

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