Custom Milled Lumber

Wood harvested from Yosemite National Park, Live Edge Tables, Counter tops, Mantels, Paneling, Siding, Custom Wood Orders.

All wood has a story, and this wood is special. It was harvested this summer from Yosemite National Park.

It is our goal to see these trees live as long as they can through timeless pieces. Below is a stack of custom ordered blue stained lodge pole that will be cut down and ship lapped for interior ceiling paneling.

We can custom cut any size board to suite your needs, including large beams up to 17 ft long.

Live Edge Family Dining Table

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Project Profiles:

Ceiling Boards

Rough Cut Blue Stain Lodge Pole Ceiling in June Lake, California

Custom Mantel

Custom Mantel Piece

Custom End Table

Custom Desk and Shelving

Red Fir desk top check it out @ Bridgeport Reservoir and Marina

Custom Counter Top

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