Keller Williams Live in Mammoth Lakes

Free concert September 25th, 2021

in Honor of the late Rodney Wiley, 

An Evening with Keller Williams!


Music Starts at 5pm with

Tony Glaser & The Party

Suggested donation $30+

F*** Cancer! Donations will go to the family of Rodney to cover any left over medical bills, any additional funds will be donated to a cancer treatment center in Rodney’s name.  


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Volunteers Needed

Keller Williams Live in Mammoth Lakes, California

Virginian, Keller Williams, released his first album in 1994, FREEK, and has since given each of his albums a single syllable title: BUZZ, SPUN, BREATHE, LOOP, LAUGH, HOME, DANCE, STAGE, GRASS, DREAM, TWELVE, LIVE, ODD, THIEF, KIDS, BASS, PICK, FUNK, VAPE, SYNC, RAW, SANS, ADD, SPEED and CELL.   Each title serves as a concise summation of the concept guiding each project. Keller’s albums reflect his pursuit to create music that sounds like nothing else. Un-beholden to conventionalism, he seamlessly crosses genre boundaries. The end product is music that encompasses rock, jazz, funk and bluegrass, and always keeps the audience on their feet. Keller built his reputation initially on his engaging live performances, no two of which are ever alike. For most of his career he has performed solo. His stage shows are rooted around Keller singing his compositions and choice cover songs, while accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, bass, guitar synthesizer and drum samples; a technique called live phrase sampling or “looping”.  The end result often leans toward a hybrid of alternative folk and groovy electronica, a genre Keller jokingly calls “acoustic dance music” or ADM.” Keller’s constant evolution has led to numerous band projects as well; Keller & The Keels, Grateful Grass, KWahtro, Keller and the Travelin’ McCourys, Grateful Gospel and More Than A Little to name a few. Keller can be found playing clubs and festivals around the U.S. with these projects throughout the year. 

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Tony Glaser and The Party

International touring and recording artist, Tony Glaser, is a singing electric and upright bass playing, high-energy frontman with an impressive knack for getting the audience to do his bidding. Fortunately, his bidding is for all to dance, smile, be in the moment, sing, rock out, and share a unique experience together. It is hard to stand still at his shows, since they are funky dance parties that totally rock, and rest assured he’ll find a way to engage each and every person in the crowd.  

His full length album, Play My Game, released in December 2019  turned heads for its original sound and undeniable fun. Leading up to the album release, he amassed almost forty thousand followers who came daily to watch his #morningbassline series on Instagram. 

Based out of San Francisco and now living in Los Angeles, he has played all over the world. Some highlights include performing for the troops in Iraq, playing for orphans in Bali, getting funky in Tokyo clubs, guerrilla playing the Super Bowl and U.S. Capitol, rocking the upright bass with G.Love, and his band opening up for the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, Cheap Trick.  

He is currently working on Season 2 of MorningBassline while waiting for live music to come back to the world.

Live Paintings By Violet Underwater

Violet Onderwater paints with acrylic on canvas, drawing from themes inspired by the natural world. Symbolic and representative, her paintings are imbued with themes of rebirthing, transformation, kindness, purity, contemplation, and awareness.

In Loving Memory of Rodney Wiley

If you have been entertained in Mammoth Lakes in the past 20 years, there is a good chance Rodney Wiley, Aka, DJ Rodney O’ had a hand in it. He was diagnosed with Cancer in 2019, and was planning on playing his last show at the 2021 Summer Jam. Rodney was true to himself and his people to his last days, always thankful for every breath. Today, Rodney lives on in our memories, tomorrow he lives forever. Thank you for your donations. 

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