Cedar Teeth Live in Mammoth Lakes

August 6&7

Underground Music Venue, Mammoth Lakes, California

Cedar Teeth didn’t plan to start a band around the campfires that lit up their youths in the Cascade foothills of Oregon. But homegrown tunes turned into intricate songwriting and friendships became a creative force, whether in the studio or performing at festivals and clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest, where they have joined bands like Shook Twins, Fruition, Kuinka, and Hot Buttered Rum. The genre bending roots troupe built their reputation on stage, exploring the margins between rock & roll, folk and bluegrass, while leaning into backwood harmonies and off-kilter melodies to support tales of love and war and the moments in between.  

While their range of sonic interests and influences defy easy classification, it is difficult not to hear Levon Helm, Rick Danko and company, The Band, hollering from the grave. Indeed, imagery reflecting organic flesh and bone, mingling with gnarled old-growth roots music, is what this band is all about. Call ‘em whatever you like: they are harmonizers and collaborators and Cedar Teeth won’t let the fire go out.

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