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Our Mission

100% Off Grid – We dig sustainability.

Our power is from solar energy with a propane generator backup. Our goal is to be 100% renewable! We compost all organics, reuse and recycle as much as possible.

Sustainable Tourism:

Pack it in Pack it Out

The Eastern Sierra has recently experienced a large fluctuation of inexperienced campers. unfortunately this has left its toll on our public lands. We want to put a heavy emphasis on education, and make sure that people know how and why to recreate responsibly.

Conserving Water

We recommend you bring your own drinking water with you, as we do not offer potable tap water on site. We do have water available for purchase, but would prefer you save the plastic and bring your own!

How can you sustainably recreate in the Eastern Sierra?

Make a plan, if you don’t have a plan to dispose of trash then it will catch you off guard. Avoid single use items. Do a final walk through, make sure you left it better than you found it.

Stay on path

There are plenty of incredible ways to see the Eastern Sierra, with no reason to go off trail. Stay on trails and paths at all times. Any time we disturb nature, we are disturbing a balance,

Let’s make something together.

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